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As an Aviation Part 145 Repair Station, Aero Controls sets itself apart from the rest as a family-owned and operated shop that values what individual employees bring to its success. Our company is growing and expanding its capabilities. If you like learning, solving problems, and want to work for a mid-sized, family-oriented environment, Aero Controls is the place for you!

What to Expect

  • Wellness Program

  • Family Summer Picnic

  • Holiday & Quarterly Parties

  • Employee Lounge

  • Experienced Mentors

  • Career Development in a Growing Company

  • Monday Through Friday with Some Required Weekends & Holidays


Pursuant to FAA/DOT Anti-Drug Regulations, repair stations performing maintenance functions for airlines must have a Federal Aviation Administration approved drug testing program. Since no guidelines have been established for repair stations, Aero Controls complies with FAR 121 guidelines to conform to the FAA's requirements for airlines.

It is this company's policy to protect the health and safety of employees and the security of equipment by ensuring that employees are completely free of drugs while on duty.

Employee use of drugs can have serious adverse effects on job performance, safety of co-workers and equipment, as well as adverse consequences to the employee's own health and safety, whether such use is on or off the job. Therefore, the prohibition set forth in this policy against the presence of drugs in each employee's system while on duty is irrespective of whether the drugs were taken while on or off the job.

Individuals being considered for employment in a covered position will be tested and must pass the test prior to being hired or performing duties in a covered position. The testing will only test for the prohibited drugs identified in 49 CFR and FAA final rule.

As a prospective employee for a covered position you will be scheduled for a pre-employment drug screen testing with a approved specimen collection lab.

The specimen collection lab will advise you of the specimen collection procedures prior to being tested. If you pass this drug test you will be notified by an Aero Controls manager. If there are questions or problems with the test results you will be contacted by our Medical Review Officer to resolve the issue. If you have any questions please contact your prospective supervisor or Brian Thomas at (206) 735-3350.

Prior to testing you should be familiar with the following definitions.


Failing a Drug Test: means that the test result shows positive evidence of the presence of a prohibited drug or drug metabolite in an employee's system.

Passing a Drug Test: means that the test result does not show positive evidence of the presence of a prohibited drug or drug metabolite in an employee's system.

Positive Evidence: means the presence of a drug or drug metabolite in a urine sample at or above the test levels listed in the DOT "Procedures for Transport Work Place Drug Testing Programs" (49 CFR Part 40).

Prohibited Drug: means marijuana, cocaine, opiates, (PCP), amphetamines, or a substance specified in Schedule I or Schedule II of the Controlled Substances, Act 21 U.S.C. 811, 812 (!981 & 1987 Cum. P.P.)., unless the drug is being used as authorized by a legal prescription or other exemption under federal, state or local law.