Aero Controls has dedicated resources and experience in managing large inventory consignments on behalf of our customers. 

Some of our Strengths...

  • Our trained, dedicated staff has the processes and tools in place to expedite your material to our facility to prepare for sales. Our bar-coded inventory processing ensures accuracy to provide the confidence to have your assets managed at our facilities. 

  • Selected items will be repaired with fresh tags to improve sales.

  • Monthly reporting of sales, repair costs, commission payments and net income is provided. Payments are disbursed promptly on a monthly basis. 

  • Sales generation due to our extensive repair and overhaul end-user customer base. 

  • We perform ongoing marketing research and price all product for optimum value. We can tailor specific items with your minimum pricing requirements. 

  • We ensure that all processes for your material comply with all regulations using our FAA approved 145 repair station. 

  • We help with return on investment considerations by modeling income projections based on material lists.