Repairs & Purchasing Management

Aero Controls provides services for the complete management and administration of component repair and part purchasing needs.

Some of our Strengths...

  • Our volume leverage and supply base discounts offer pricing advantages that we are able to pass along to our customers. 

  • Our order tracking program allows our staff to follow progress to make sure commitment dates are met. We routinely expedite AOG requirements and offer exchanges from our inventory to cover this need.

  • The breadth of our product base gives the technical and sourcing expertise to manage the broad range of your repair needs.

  • We receive significant warranty consideration for our volume of third party re-works to bring the desired results in a timely manner on behalf of our customers.

  • Your open order management access is provided by a special remote patch into our computer system which is always available and enables you to see detailed order status. 

  • We consolidate your repair or purchase invoices in one billing at specified intervals. 

  • Computer tools to keep your orders while using metrics to monitor program performance.